If a stormwater network has problems, will we only know when homes and businesses are flooded?

We Understand Your Problems

In many metro areas, building works continue unabated. Combined with climate change and heavier rain, stormwater networks are becoming overwhelmed much more often.

Knowing where and when the stormwater network is likely to overflow gives Councils and Authorities the edge they need to avoid flooding and the damage it entails.

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Councils and Authorities – ask your teams

  • How do we monitor our stormwater network for blockages?
  • How can we predict when and where a flood might occur?
  • What effective maintenance can we perform to limit or even eliminate the potential for flooding?
  • How can we limit our liability caused by flooding?

OmniTabz - Changing the Game

OmniTabz provides an end-to-end stormwater pit monitor and management solution. Sensors in stormwater pits provide up to the minute information on water levels, blockages and pit lid movements, connected to dashboards that provide alerts and overall situation reports on the state of your stormwater network.

A bit more detail...

Today, more than ever before, Councils and Water Authorities are grappling with unprecedented climate change and weather conditions. This is especially the case with the management of stormwater. Councils are finding that their stormwater pit networks are becoming more easily overwhelmed with heavier and more intense rainfall, coupled with increased runoff from more dense land use and building sites.

Councils regularly are called out to deal with localised flooding, sometimes in places that have never flooded before.

Councils need to be able to better monitor their stormwater networks. They want to know exactly where and when problems arise, how to deal with these problems. They need sufficient notice to be able to proactively deal with issues.

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OmniTabz Approach

OmniTabz has been working closely with councils on this issue. We have developed an end-to-end stormwater network monitoring and management solution that can help councils spot individual pits that are prone to flooding, find sections of the stormwater pit network that are not performing as well as before and determine root causes for issues that may arise across the network.

OmniTabz focusses on the solutions that give councils and water authorities the biggest "bang for their buck". For example:

  • We have sensors that are off the shelf, modular and low cost, but suitable for the task (IP67, rugged, etc.). Sensors can connect via NB-IoT or LoRaWAN, whichever you prefer.
  • For clients that choose LoRaWAN for connectivity we offer access to networks to provide the needed coverage - especially those "last centimetres" underground and inside pits. We offer solutions to extend coverage using external antennas, and a low-cost relay solution provides connectivity into difficult to access locations,
  • Our dashboard solution provides the information and insights collected from data collected from thousands of pits across a network. Our dashboard can highlight problems and issues within a network and provide insights into root cause issues.
  • Our dashboard is hosted in Australia - data we collect in Australia, remains in Australia.

We can manage stormwater pit networks at scale - such things as:

  • Bulk purchase of sensors,
  • Scale installation solutions that are safe, where sensors can be installed into a pit in less than 10 minutes, and are easy to service if needed,
  • Using integrated sensors to measure multiple items from the same package,
  • Using lower cost, but accurate, proxies to measure the things that matter, at little expense in terms of quality or reliability.

OmniTabz has an end-to-end stormwater pit sensor network solution that can integrate into an Australian hosted dashboard.

Please contact us to arrange for a demonstration in your area.

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