When a crucial component, deep inside your industrial complex, begins to fail, how do you know?
We Understand Your Problems

In many industrial installations, areas are hard to reach and/or dangerous. Moving parts are subject to wear, tear and corrosion, deteriorating over time.

Manual checks are expensive and difficult. Remote monitoring, using fit-for-purpose sensors, coupled with quality low power wireless networks and dashboard and alert systems, can pinpoint failure, before it occurs.

Industry Operators - Ask your Teams
  • How do we monitor equipment for deterioration and failure in our installations today?
  • What is the cost of failures in downtime, lost revenues and repair costs?
  • Would end-to-end monitoring, finding and pinpointing failures in real time, reduce costs?

OmniTabz - Changing the Game

OmniTabz offers end-to-end high quality LoRaWAN networking solutions. They include the world-leading, ultra reliable LoRaWAN ThingPark network server from Actility, sensors, network coverage solutions and dashboard/alert systems.

A bit more detail... Private Networks

The Internet of Things offers an opportunity to understand what’s happening to your assets and the environment. If you are planning to set up your own LoRaWAN network environment, OmniTabz can help.

We have deep expertise in the set up and operation of LoRaWAN networks – the perfect solution for private, self-managed environments.

The block diagram here is a simple overview of the components of a LoRaWAN network.

In small areas, such as an industrial complex or campus, it is not difficult to build a private LoRaWAN network to provide suitable coverage. With the network in place, then it’s a matter of installing sensors with assets or in a location to monitor the environment.

What can OmniTabz do to assist? We can help by:

  • Consultancy, design and construct of LoRaWAN networks to meet your needs,
  • Provide connectivity into remote and hard-to-reach locations,
  • Bringing in world-leading partners such as Actility, the world’s leading LoRaWAN network server provider and Ubidots, our Australian based Dashboard provider

If you are planning or contemplating a LoRaWAN IoT solution, talk to us about how we can support your IoT network implementation.

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OmniTabz Approach - Actility Solutions Provider

OmniTabz is proud to be a reseller of Actility ThingPark Enterprise (TPE) LoRaWAN IoT network server solutions. Actility, a founder member of the LoRa Alliance, has been closely associated with LoRaWAN since its inception. Actility’s ThingPark solutions are in operation across the world and offer the broadest range of capabilities with the greatest reliability.

We offer the the Actility solutions shown here

If you are planning or contemplating a LoRaWAN IoT solution, talk to us about Actility ThingPark solutions and how we can support your IoT network implementation.

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