If a sensor detects a falling tree alone in the forest, can we trust the network to tell us it’s happened?

We Have the Technology

If the device was connected to an OmniTabz network solution, the answer would be ”yes”.

We have pulled together a range of solutions to connect to sensors in remote locations and in hard-to-reach places and we are pleased to offer a glimpse into how we do it.

The OmniTabz team uses technologies such as LoRaWAN, LoRa and satellites to provide connectivity to remote locations and to extend the coverage of existing networks into hard-to-reach places. We also offer remote standalone signs to provide messages in remote locations.

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Ask yourself

  • How can we connect to devices in the outback or in remote areas?
  • How can we connect to devices out of normal network range?
  • What is the best way to visualise sensor measurements and alerts?

OmniTabz Remote Gateway

In many remote locations telecommunications and power are not available. To provide LoRaWAN coverage into these places we have developed the OmniTabz Remote Gateway (OTRG). A single OTRG can provide connectivity to sensors spread over hundreds of square kilometres.

Our solution combines a LoRaWAN gateway with an onboard network server from Actility and a satellite modem to connect to an Inmarsat satellite.

An OTRG can be installed and commissioned by a handyperson, with the minimum of tools.

Sensor data is collected from the satellite path and placed into a Middleware environment, which has secure APIs for clients to retrieve sensor data.

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OTRG Flyer

OmniTabz Coverage Extender

In many smart city networks, sensors are placed out of network coverage. Such places as pits or trenches, or deep inside buildings.

Recognising this, we have developed the OmniTabz Coverage Extender, designed to easily connect any standard LoRaWAN device into its home network.

Our solution combines a small LoRaWAN gateway with an onboard network server from Actility and a LoRaWAN modem to connect to an existing home LoRaWAN network.

The OTCE is reliable, rugged and can be installed and commissioned by a handyperson, with the minimum of tools.

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OTCE Flyer


In remote places, electronic signs are needed to provide up to the minute information for those that may be nearby. For example, warning signs in case of fires or flooding, mine sites and roadsides.

OmniTabz has developed a range of standalone electronic signs that can be operated in almost any location. Our OmniTabz Remote Sign (OTRS) solution can be solar powered and its messages can be updated by long distance connections, using point to point LoRa.

Our signs have multicoloured LED displays and can show multi-word messages, easily read up to distances of 20m. The signs come in weatherproofed, rugged enclosures.

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Signs Flyer

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