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OmniTabz History

What if there was a way to identify unexpected problems early so you can respond quickly and protect your expensive assets from loss?

In January 2020, Eric Hamilton, along with his wife, Margaret Wright (a highly respected technology consultant to industry and government) formed OmniTabz.

Eric had spent decades working at the leading edge of telecommunications technologies – wireless, satellite, submarine cables, the Internet, broadband services, fixed wireless broadband and Low Power Wide Area Networking technologies. So, when the opportunity arose to offer services into the rapidly expanding field of Internet of Things (IoT), it seemed to him like a logical step.

Over the years Margaret, like Eric, had enjoyed helping customers deal with the complexity of opportunities for new technologies. She was particularly interested in teasing out the hidden benefits, as well as, with a background in IT risk; understanding the hidden challenges.

Our original purpose was for OmniTabz to offer IoT tracking and value-added resale solutions to customers. More recently, one of our partners, Inmarsat, asked us to look into providing IoT services to remote locations for their customers.

Over time, it became clear that a strength, and a real opportunity for OmniTabz, particularly in Australia, was to provide reliable and reasonably priced access to remote and difficult sites. Simultaneously, we became aware of the difficulties of providing reliable LoRaWAN network coverage even for Smart City clients, in particular those with sensors in hard-to-reach places such as drains and stormwater pits.

Over the last 2-3 years, through relationships, research and exhaustive testing, we have built up a suite of reliable products and services and partnerships that we can trust to deliver. These have been rigorously tested across a range of scenarios to ensure they meet our standards of operation and ease of implementation.

In that time, we have broadened and deepened the scope of our services, In the process we have attracted clients such as Woodside, CBRE and the City of Monash, and built up a strong relationship with suppliers such as Actility and Inmarsat.

OmniTabz Purpose

At OmniTabz, we believe the purpose of technology is to improve human lives and livelihoods, to make life easier, not harder for our customers and their teams. The Internet of Things in particular enables us to bring the power of sensor technology, intelligent systems and LoRaWAN together across vast distances and difficult terrains.

Our growing range of end-to-end solutions is ultimately intended to offer low cost, high quality satellite-based connectivity to remote places all over the world (LoRaWAN Anywhere). We also offer an innovative LoRaWAN network coverage extender for those hard-to-reach locations in Smart City environments (LoRaWAN Everywhere).

Our purpose is to use IoT to connect our customers to their critical assets, providing early warning of problems and a sense of confidence that their assets and people are being protected.

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