Our Team

Our team has proven ability in rolling out large-scale carrier-grade communications network solutions, with specific experience in industries such as utilities. The whole team has experience in solving difficult challenges for customers and a commitment excellence in delivery and support. It’s a small team at this stage with plans to grow as we scale.

Eric Hamilton

BE(Hons), PhD

Managing Director

Eric Hamilton has decades of experience working with networks across all types of network technology including wireless, satellite and fixed broadband. He has worked with or led teams on multiple firsts across a range of Telecommunications media including Wireless, ISP and IT technologies and the Internet of Things.

His senior roles have included:

  • GM of OnAustralia (incubator for BigPond);
  • VP Networks for OzEmail
  • Director IP Networks at Optus
  • CTO of Unwired including the development and operation of the award winning Ubowireless network.

Eric is regarded an authority in telecommunications with particular proficiency in establishing coverage requirements and ensuring adequate coverage in difficult sites as well as acting an expert witness.

For the last decade, he has worked exclusively on Internet of Things use cases across a wide range of products and services, mainly utilising the globally recognised LoRaWAN protocols. His attention to the critical detail and passion for ensuring reliable, continuous service to customers even under challenging circumstances is critical.

Eric has spent the last three years slaving on trusted yet cost-effective solutions for remote locations and under extreme conditions. Born in Scotland, Eric is highly attuned to the need to justify both upfront and ongoing costs. Having lived in Australia for decades, he understands that the Australian landscape, weather conditions and often poor and unreliable telecommunications increasingly make this capability a priority.

Margaret Wright



Our Chair Margaret Wright has been dealing with complex technology and business challenges across multiple industries since commencing coding in the early 1970s. Her early career in IT systems implementation followed by 4 years accounting and audit for Peat Marwick culminated in working with the MD of a key client to turn around a significant acquisition.

Since moving to Sydney, her roles have included:

  • Partner and Partner in Charge- KPMG Information Risk Management 12 years
  • Executive Director- Technology Macquarie Bank 5 years
  • Member Technology and Projects Committee for the Board UniSuper- 4 years
  • Member Technology Advisory Group Good2Give- 6 years
  • Board member and member of audit and risk committee National Breast Cancer Foundation – 8 years
  • Board member, member of Nominations Committee World Education Australia/Good Return
  • Chair Strata Committee Observatory Tower 3 ½ years
  • Adviser, National Narrowband Network (NNNCo) 18 months-

As National Partner in Charge of KPMG’s Information Audit and Assurance practice Margaret led reviews of complex programs for clients including the Australian Stock Exchange (SEATS and CHESS); Lendlease; TNT, NZI and more. In this role, she was responsible for IT Risk strategy in Australia and led several Australian and global innovations in technology related business risk. She was a member of the Auditing Standards Board in Australia and Region 8 Vice President for ISACA. As an Executive Director at Macquarie Bank, she led six technology teams responsible for a third of the bank’s technology services significantly improving customer service and leading several significant projects.

She then joined the board of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Good Return, heading their risk/audit committees. Later as a consultant Margaret led reviews of major IT and business programs for multiple organisations across business and NSW Government including Westpac, MLC, NSW Police; HousingNSW and Sydney Trains.

She is currently on the Technology Committees for the boards of UniSuper and Good2Give.

Julia Bowen

Head of Commercial

Julia has a track record leveraging over 30 years’ experience working in commercial and government sectors and the learnings from nearly a decade in the NFP sector to deliver sustainable success for organisations in Australia.

Her roles have included:

  • Over 6 years working in the Australian NFP sector as CEO, COO, General Manager and Social Enterprise Manager.
  • 6 years as Non-Executive Director Medibank Private Limited, including Chair of Board Committee.
  • 20 years in senior executive roles – CEO, general management, sales & marketing, project management in private and public company structures.
  • Director consulting services for the world’s largest healthcare software company (Cerner Inc).
  • Director, Systems and Programmes (and CIO) with Cable and Wireless Optus
  • Various roles in the UK defence arena, including research and development and active military service.

Along the way, Julia gained significant consultancy and practice management experience, working independently and with leading Australian and international organisations at Link2group. Julia understands how boards operate, both from the above roles and from 6 years as a director on the Medibank Private Board and a member of their Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Julia has a sound practical understanding of communications networks and technology generally, from her time as COO at Ubowireless/Unwired and Director of Systems and Programmes at Cable and Wireless Optus. In her role at Ubowireless, Julia also built up a best practice team and prepared Ubowireless for further significant investment.

At Optus, was responsible for the restructuring of the $2 billion capital program to deliver investment focus on products and infrastructure which delivered improved shareholder value. This required the management of over 700 direct staff and over 2,000 contractors, and an operating budget of over $500 million per annum. Julia was a key member of the sale team during the acquisition by Singtel.

Rob Hamilton


Head of Technical Operations and Customer Service

Rob Hamilton has a passion for helping customers put in place robust and reliable solutions.

Rob has built up a range of critical skills over the last 6 years connecting and supporting a wide range of IoT solutions as well as troubleshooting urgent issues, working with IoT company the National Narrowband Network (NNNCo) and before that 3-years designing, building and supporting a wide range of websites

To achieve this for the complex IoT solutions our OmniTabz customers need, the skills Rob applies include:

  • RF (Radio Frequency) design and planning to ensure signals get through reliably to remote and difficult locations;
  • Identifying and certifying the most fit-for-purpose, robust and reliable devices/sensors for each customer requirement;
  • Pre-sales engineering- testing sets of components for end-to-end fit before installation;
  • Monitoring traffic especially early in implementations to ensure ongoing reliability;
  • Working with our key partners Actility, Inmarsat, Ubidots and others to ensure comprehensive, 24X7 end to end performance;
  • End-to-end project management and operations support.

Dennis Wright

Advisor: Inventor and Industrial Control System Specialist

After gaining electrical and industrial electronics trade qualifications, Dennis built a decades long career in industrial engineering, safety management, and factory systems integration. This experience spans organisations such as Telecom New Zealand, Onesteel, Hoover and others and has required him to continuously adopt and innovate with leading edge technologies and processes.

This experience includes

  • Lean manufacturing;
  • Development and oversight of high-speed robotics processes to support manufacturing;
  • Incorporating sophisticated safety measures in production lines for improved safety, manufacturing speed and reliability
  • Set-up and support of critical production lines for a variety of products,
  • Incorporation of stepper motors into production line design and operation to provide greater control and more precision in the production process,
  • Design of various other products including battery powered camera systems for remote monitoring, automated water filtration systems and PLC and control system integration through a video portal.

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