Worksite Safety and Proximity Detection

Discover how OmniTabz is addressing safety of workers and helping to enforce proximity policies at work sites with Internet of Things.

Worksite Safety and Proximity Detection

On work sites such as Construction, Public works, Mining, Oil & Gas; worker safety is one of the critical challenges with worker accidents seven times greater than the rate in all other industries.

In the post COVID-19 world, the work site safety requirements will be extended to detecting and enforcing inter worker proximity policies and tracing of contact events for workforce pandemic transmissions.

OmniTabz Worker Safety and Proximity Detection solution, with use of wearables improves workforce security and monitoring. Organisations always know the status and whereabouts of their personnel whilst onsite.

OmniTabz wearables will also detect, notify and record proximity between workers. The recorded proximity data can be used to ‘trace back’ workers potential impacted by pandemic transmissions.

Benefits and features:

  • Improved visibility and enhanced safety of workers

  • Low cost wearables with panic button

  • Faster response in an emergency

  • Fall detection of workers

  • Reminder to worker when proximity policies are being violated

  • ‘Trace back’ of pandemic transmissions

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