Site Manager

Know what's happening on your sites

OmniTabz has a solution to support tracking of people on worksites, especially their arrival and departure times. The solution tracks people onsite in both indoor and outdoor environments, and can also be used as a geofencing solution.

When workers are onsite, they wear badges that provide information on their location. The badges report their GPS location when outdoors, and relay beacon information when indoors. Location information is collected, stored and displayed on a cloud based server, powered by WMW.

If needed, collected information can be sent to a client environment by using industry standard APIs.

Also the solution can be easily expanded for other purposes such as:

  • Temperature

  • Rainfall

  • Particles and gases

  • Location of tools and assets

  • Panic button/site alerts

Benefits and Features

  • Single badge solution for any location

  • Easy to set up and place into operation

  • Mass enrolment of staff/badges into the system

  • Permanent record of times on site and locations visited on site

  • Ability to geofence – determine if there are movements off-site or to locations that are off-limits

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