Safety At Night

Women should feel safe in the city at night

OmniTabz has developed a Safety At Night solution that allows women to discreetly advise their concerns about their own safety and the behaviours of others on public transport and in public areas after dark.

OmniTabz has partnered with GMS360 to offer an adaptable solution that works as follows:

  • An app is installed into a Smartphone. Versions of the app operate on Android and iOS,

  • We also offer an optional button connected via Bluetooth to the Smartphone. This can be used in conjunction with the app to send an alert when the user feels the need to do so,

  • A cloud based server collects the information from apps. The server has a full range capability to manage operators and administrators, enrol users, apply rules and set up workflows, and provide a dashboard of activity including mapping and alert windows,

  • The server will also have a range of APIs to connect into other systems as needed, for example a CMS for smart streetlights.

Contact us for a demonstration of the solution.